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About 3E

3E is an Educational and Training formula established in 2000, by a man dedicated to development and empowerment of mankind.

He is HM TUAH ISKANDAR, the leading motivator specializing in motivating people of all walks of life from Leadership, Personality, Team Building, Stress Management, Training and Workshops to Educational and Psychology Treatment. He inculcates values and brings fundamental transformation in the lives of people, both locally and globally.

His research studies are on Human Behaviour and Psychology. A prolific writer who has been writing more than 136 books on various topics, besides being a columnist for 18 magazines since 2001. His great achievement in writing is being recognized and was awarded "The Outstanding People of the 20th Century Award" from International Biographical Centre, England in 1999.

"A PRIME MOVER FOR MOTIVATION", 3E's motto, acts as catalyst for personal and professional growth that leads to improve individual and team performance along with the individual and companies ability to meet their goals and objectives.

3E programmes are specifically designed to develop practical aptitudes and attitudes that bridge the gap between theory and reality. Training workshops are designed to meet specific needs of the client; motivating participants to overcome self-imposed limitations, building the attitude of "CAN I?" to "I CAN!"

By unique design, 3E focused programmes positively challenge participants to learn, to change and to breakthrough. This transformation enables them; their teams and their organizations to achieve desired results. The results of training are a renewed positive attitude and motivation coupled with practical skills and tools to impact personal and organization's results.

3E formula has proven itself to be a very powerful and an effective educational and training tool for both individuals and corporate bodies.

The founder is a well-known figure, HM TUAH ISKANDAR, the only Muslim / Malay motivator / writer / columnist / novelist / juruam * whose achievements are recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records.

*Juruam = generalist, a versatile person, very knowledgeable - Besta Electronic Dictionary

Let him help you to bridge the gap between what you are and what you could be.

3E is an EXCELLENT formula to make you more EFFECTIVE in an ENTERTAINING way.

3E stand for:

Extra MIND
Kaedah menggunakan minda dan otak dengan kepelbagaian cara fikir supaya anda berada pada tahap hebat sekali.
Extra MILD
Kaedah pengawalan emosi untuk mendapat ketenangan dan kebijaksanaan serta kebahagiaan
mutlak dalam kehidupan yang penuh mencabar.
Extra MILE
Kaedah memperalatkan keseluruhan diri untuk kesihatan dan stamina luar biasa bagus.